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Musky? You Bet!

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The New Fly Fisher Television Show visited Fredericton in 2022 and had the privilege of being hosted by Marlon. I could go on and on but I won't... Marlon is quite simply one of the best guides that I've ever fished with, and I've fished with a lot of guides, both in my professional career and as an avid fly angler. You won't go wrong with Marlon Prince. Just watch the show... RH

Rob H.

Fergus, Ontario, Canada

definitely doing it again next season!

Absolutely amazing trip , caught my very first bass on the fly .

Marlon Prince was amazing at teaching me . After maybe 30 mins I was casting and catching fish . One of the most remembered days of my life . Husband and I were so happy to learn and be instructed by Marlon .

That day made us both go out and get fly gear and rods to continue to fly fish forever now !!! To be honest Marlon has now become a very good friend and we

Thank you Marlon for everything.

Jaiie Lynn Currie 

I've fished with many guides, in many places, but Marlon is at the top of that list I'll be fishing with Marlon again, and again.

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I booked an all-day trip and it was just that. As I related previously, Marlon worked constantly. After fishing with many guides, for many species, I could just tell that there was something special about this guy. It was a cold day on old bones, and we still ended up catching (2) muskies. They call the musky the fish of ten thousand casts, and we got (2)! I was thrilled to finally put a musky on my bucket list. Marlon was excited also. I would "highly" recommend Marlon Prince Guiding Services

Steve J.

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Professional, extremely knowledgeable
Frank T.

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If you’re looking for a Musky guide that knows and understands the behaviour and movement of the St. Johns Rivers muskie population, Marlon is your guide. Marlon offers a wealth of knowledge and endless hours on the river system. Wether you’re a seasoned muskie nut or a first time/family looking to catch one of these toothy beasts. Marlon can provide you with an experience that you’ll never forget. He provides higher end terminal tackle and baits that just catch fish. I’ve fished with Marlon 7 times over the past years. I’m always impressed with his ability to find the fish. I’ll be returning in July this year again for our annual fishing trip. It’s always my most looked forward to muskie trip each year! If you’re into Fly fishing for muskie he’s also very experienced and one of the more well known Canadian guides for this specialty.

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