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meet our guides 


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Marlon is the founder of New Brunswick Fishing Guides and has over a decade of professional guiding experience in NB, spending over 250 days per year on the water hunting trophy Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Sturgeon and Salmon on both fly and traditional tackle.


Marlon has hosted multiple nationally aired media groups such as Fishin' Canada, The New Fly Fisher and Aventure Chasse Peche showcasing NB's incredible fisheries. 

Check out Marlon's trips on our home page and reach out to book yours today! 


fishing guide dog

Coach was born in the summer of 2022 and has since spent countless days on the water helping out on guide trips as Marlon's first mate. He has a nack for sniffing out big fish and keeping the crew motivated to fish hard! 

Coach is an Irish Setter/Poodle and is hypoallergenic, meaning he does not shed or is safe for most people that may have a dog allergy. 

Coach loves his time on the water as much as he loves meeting new people, young and old! 


striped bass guide

Oscar LeBlanc, a native of Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, is a seasoned professional striped bass guide with over a decade of expertise, predominantly navigating the waters of the Miramichi River.


His passion for education and dedication to the conservation of New Brunswick sport-fishing reflect in his unwavering commitment to preserving the region's natural treasures.


Oscar's profound knowledge and love for his craft make him not only a skilled guide but also a vital advocate for sustainable angling practices in the stunning landscapes of New Brunswick.


sturgeon guide sturgeon fishing

Being on the water from the time he could walk, fishing became second nature to

Cutting his teeth on landlocked salmon and chain pickerel targeting any and all species that
swim and learning more and more with each trip, targeting larger species became the obsession
as pursuing striped bass began to pay off more and more. Later he began targeting muskie and


Now the passion has shifted to spreading his knowledge of these waters and fish to others from far and wide.


With great angling and hunting experience there are endless stories told during the run of a day to keep all entertained.

With specialized gear and equipment he has everything required to target the big 3 Muskie,
Striper and Sturgeon on the Saint John River.


striped bass guide

Bruce English is a seasoned and experienced outdoorsman, boat captain and guide. Born and raised in the southern region of NB, he resides on the most, lower reaches of the Saint John and Kennebecasis river system.


Here, is where the river meets the saltwater of The Bay of Fundy to produce some very,
unique and challenging fishing conditions, such as the Reversing Falls Rapids.

Bruce is a multi-species fisherman and guide. He has, for over four decades, been fortunate enough to have experienced fishing for many species of  fish throughout NB lakes, streams and river systems.

Bruce specializes in guided fishing excursions for Striped Bass and Shortnose Sturgeon.

Residing on the river and having his boat docked with such close, proximity to the Reversing Falls has led to passion and relentless pursuit of trophy Striped Bass.


Being a strong advocate for catch and release as
well as a conservationist for the sustainability of both Striped bass and Shortnose Sturgeon, he
exemplifies the true requirements of an angler and a guide in order to sustain a healthy fishery.

Bruce’s angling techniques and vast knowledge of the river system has enabled him to be productive
and successful when targeting both Striped bass and Shortnose Sturgeon.


Bruce holds safety to the highest regard when guiding around the Reversing Falls Rapids and the river system. He ensures a hundred percent effort is given in order to proclaim a safe, entertaining and successful outing. He finds great pride and satisfaction when able to share his experience and knowledge with other anglers so they
can achieve their goals and memories on the water.



Growing up on the Miramichi River learning how to fly fish, Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge to any angling experience. With over 16 years of experience guiding on the Miramichi River and its tributaries you can be rest assured your fly fishing experience will be one to never forget.

With a specialization in fly fishing you can choose your next fishing experience for multiple species including Salmon, Trout, Smallmouth Bass or Striped Bass.

Along with Kyles specialty in fly fishing he also offers guided upland hunting trips for American Woodcock as well as Grouse. If not on the river he can be found working his English Pointers in preparation for the season.

With airings on shows such as Aventure Chasse Peche you can expect to be treated with the upmost professionalism.

Milza Brido 

new brunswick fishing guides

   Your seasoned guide to the striped bass wonders of the Miramichi River, brings eight years of expertise to your angling adventure. His commitment to fun and conservation has evolved through years of guiding on the Miramichi, where he not only imparts his fishing knowledge but also instills a deep respect for the river's ecological balance.

   In addition to the Miramichi, Milza extends his guiding prowess to the Kennebecasis River, specializing in sturgeon expeditions.

  With a dedication to sustainable practices, he ensures that each encounter with these incredible fish contributes to the preservation of the river's diverse ecosystem.

  Milza's guiding philosophy goes beyond just catching fish; it's about crafting an experience that harmonizes the thrill of angling with the tranquility of nature. His passion for photography serves as a testament to his commitment to capturing not just the catch, but the essence of the Miramichi's scenic beauty.

Embark on an adventure with Milza Brido for an unparalleled blend of angling, fun, and conservation, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

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